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Thank you so much for your interest in bringing me to your school to speak! Visiting schools is one of my favorite parts of my job, and I've seen firsthand the magic that happens when students have the chance to interact with an author. If you're looking to inspire and energize your students, please reach out!

Pricing details below, please scroll down.



Speaking Rates 2023

Lindsay offers a one-hour multi-grade presentation for grades 3-7 that focuses on her day-to-day life as an author, writing tips/techniques students can apply to their own projects, & fun behind-the-scenes publishing facts! She also comes prepared with screenshots of her own research, drafting, and editing phase so that students can see how similar their writing processes are to hers! In addition, Lindsay offers small group workshops (30 or fewer students): Spooky 101 (focus on how to write spooky stories) and Idea Factory (focus on creativity and inspiration in writing). These are very hands-on workshops that are perfect counterpart to her multi-grade presentation. Every school visit includes a free signing session, and any full-day visit can include lunch with a group of students if this is something of interest. 


Lindsay would be happy to help make a visit to your school happen and will do her best to keep it stress-free and financially possible. Please see below for her rates. 


Virtual Visits: $200 flat fee for up to one hour. Hour can be structured formally or informally.

In-Person Visits

 Full day visit (up to 3 presentations/workshops, or a combination of the two), short Q&A session, lunch with students/staff, and book signing = $1500 plus travel expenses. Travel expenses not required for any school within a 30 minute drive from my home office in Chicago.

*Fees for traveling visits may be reduced if I am able to visit multiple schools on a single trip. Two schools may split a full-day visit (provided they can both be visited on the same day) and multiple schools may split the cost of my airfare as well!   

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