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  • About Lindsay
    Lindsay was born in 1976 in Galesburg, IL and spent much of her childhood believing she would grow up to be a veterinarian. That may have changed over time, but many things haven't! Lindsay still loves Halloween just as much as she did when she was little. She also still loves telling ghost stories by campfire, and reading spooky books under a cozy blanket with a flashlight in hand. Lindsay graduated from Knox College in 1998 with a degree in English Literature. She moved to Chicago where she still lives today with her husband and three amazing kiddos. Many of the locations featured in Lindsay's books are real, so the next time you visit, be on the lookout for places her characters hang out!
  • Did Lindsay ever have any other jobs before becoming an author?
    YES! While Lindsay has always loved writing, she didn't become a full-time author until she was in her 30's. Over the years, Lindsay has sold real estate, planned business conferences, managed a tutoring business, and even learned how to fly planes! Just kidding, Lindsay doesn't know how to fly planes. She took three lessons while training for an FBI interview many years ago and kept throwing up because of turbulence, so she finally decided flying planes simply wasn't for her.
  • Will any of Lindsay's books be a movie sometime soon?
    Maybe! Hollywood is always looking for the next big thing, and Lindsay does have a film agent so it's possible! Keep your fingers crossed and keep recommending her books to others if you want to help. 🤩
  • Does Lindsay believe in ghosts?
    Yes. Until someone can prove otherwise, Lindsay does believe in the paranormal and will keep looking until she spots a ghost of her very own!
  • If I send my story/poem/essay to Lindsay, will she read it?"
    As much as Lindsay would like to read everything that is sent to her, there just isn't enough time. Not if she wants to keep writing her own books, anyway! A better way to get feedback on your writing would be to ask a friend you trust, a teacher, a librarian, or maybe even your parents. As long as you choose someone who has the same goal as you - to help you make your work the best it can be - you are taking a step in the right direction. Don't be discouraged when you get feedback that isn't positive. Remember, even authors make edits - often a LOT of them! It's how we get better as writers. Good luck and keep writing, friends!
  • How can I get Lindsay to sign my book?
    Easy! If you'd like to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Lindsay, she will send you a signed bookplate for whichever book you would like. Email her at to arrange this. In addition, if you place a book order through The Book Cellar in Chicago, IL, she will sign your book for you before it ships!
  • What is Lindsay's favorite food?
  • Will Lindsay visit my school?
    Absolutely! Lindsay loves doing school visits. If you'd like to try to make this happen, please speak with your librarian or teacher and provide them Lindsay's email address ( We will do everything we can to arrange a virtual, or in-person visit.

Have a question for Lindsay that isn't featured here? No problem! Send her a message here.

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