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Twelve-year-old Sarah Greene wants nothing more from her seventh-grade year than to beat the hardest escape room left in her town with her best friends, West, and Hannah. But when a foreclosure notice shows up on Sarah's front door, everything changes. Since her father became ill two years ago, things have been bad, but not lose your house bad...until now. 

Sarah feels helpless until the day Hannah mentions a treasure rumored to be hidden in the walls of an abandoned funhouse. According to legend, Hans, Stefan, and Karl Stein were orphaned at eight years old and lived with different families until they were able to reunite as adults. Their dream was to build the most epic funhouse in existence. They wanted their experience to be more than mirror mazes and optical illusions, so they not only created elaborate riddles and secret passages, but they also claimed to have hidden a treasure inside the funhouse. 

Once in, Sarah, West, and Hannah realize the house is unlike any escape room they've attempted. There are challenges, yes, but they feel personal. Like the triplets knew who would get in. It seems impossible, but so does everything about the house. As soon as they're in she immediately worries that attempting the funhouse is a bad idea but Sarah has no choice but to continue, since her future is at stake.


Instant USA Today and New York Times Bestseller!
A Read with Jenna Book Club Pick for Summer 2024!
A Barnes and Noble "Best Book of 2024 (so far!)"
#1 INDIE NEXT pick for May/June!
Amazon Best Book of the Month April 2024!
The Week Junior Book of the Week! 
Once Upon a Book Club Box pick for April, 2024!

“A twisty, turny treasure hunt where the real prize is friendship. Mr. Lemoncello wants to hire whoever designed this incredible escape room!” – Chris Grabenstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Mr. Lemoncello series

“Lindsay Currie has crafted a winning mystery with confounding codes, misleading clues, and the lure of hidden treasure. It’s the ultimate escape room and will have you guessing until the final page.”
— James Ponti, New York Times bestselling author of City Spies

“Trapdoors, secret passages, and riddles galore. I loved every second of it!”
— Max Brallier, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Last Kids on Earth

“In this page-turning thriller, Currie (It Found Us) builds suspense via high-stakes brain teasers in dark rooms and periods of isolation as the Deltas endeavor to solve the biggest, most dangerous series of escape rooms they’ve ever faced.” – Publishers Weekly

“A riddling, sporting adventure and a story of true friendship.” — Kirkus Reviews

“This page-turner with touching character moments makes a fun read for anyone who enjoys puzzle solving, escape rooms, and books centered around the power of friendship.” – Booklist

“With highly likable characters, authentic dialogue, and tension-building action, this exciting and engaging story will grab the attention of many readers who will not put it down until the end. Highly recommended”
— School Library Journal

“I love this trio. The loyalty and love they have for each other will solve any problem (and escape room)! I loved seeing their talents in action and how they handled their weaknesses. I want to visit the abandoned fun house! The description of each room is so cool. Long live the Deltas!!” – Max Chase, The Bookloft 

“Take 3 parts “Goonies”, 1 part “Willy Wonka” and 5 parts imagination and you have the wonderful story Lindsay Currie packed into this exciting young readers novel! Readers will instantly be drawn into the adventure as it unfolds and will be on the edge of their seats with each new discovery explored. I couldn’t put this book down!” – Troy Derrer, Wordsmith Bookshoppe

“A trio of friends, a noble deed, a deserted fun house and a possible treasure makes this the perfect book for middle grade puzzlers or an edge of the seat read aloud that will have listeners begging for one more chapter! A thoroughly engaging store that will get those brain cells working.”

– Janice Penner, Watermark Books & Café

“Loved this fast-paced middle grade mystery. Using the framework of an escape room was a fun and original idea - and provided a great opportunity for the characters to work through some personal challenges, too. A great read!” – Kate Snyder, Plaid Elephant Books

“The clock is ticking as The Westing Game meets Willy Wonka with a dash of Stand by Me in this exciting adventure, as readers race to solve riddles and puzzles alongside the characters, who learn about themselves and each other straight through to the mystery's epic ending.” – Gibran Graham, The Briar Patch

“This is such a great vacation read! It's also perfect for the "read around the library" mystery category-- a smart, suspenseful story that readers will connect with.” – Tegan Tigani, Queen Anne Book Company


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