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IT FOUND US ... spooky from every angle!

Hi, friends! Kicking off this brand-new news section by sharing some amazing images I just got of the interior design for my upcoming release, IT FOUND US! As you all know based on the cover, this is another spooky middle-grade book, but ho-ly cow! I did not expect the interior design to be as spooky as the cover! Check out that black title page and the incredibly atmospheric chapter heading illustrations!

You should definitely consider pre-ordering this one, guys. It's just too cool to pass up. And yes, thanks to a gift from my dear friend and author Taryn Souders (be on the lookout for her upcoming summer release, The Mystery of the Radcliffe Riddle!), I have some amazing metallic pens to sign that dark title page with.

Want to pre-order now so you're guaranteed a copy of IT FOUND US when it releases? Check out the links on the "books" page for easy purchasing!

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