Enter all ye who be brave . . . ghosts ahead!


It's no secret that I LOVE ghost legends. Especially the ones we have here in Chicago! I love them so much that I write books about them. THE PECULIAR INCIDENT ON SHADY STREET is based on legendary Graceland Cemetery - a graveyard that is over 100 acres in size, and very old. It's also home to many fascinating ghost legends like Dexter Graves, Inez Clarke and Ludwig Wolff. So. Are you ready to take my ghost challenge? 




Scroll down and click on an icon to visit about each ghostly spot! WARNING: They. Are. Scary!


Visit the extra websites listed to learn more. IF YOU DARE!


Click on the button beneath any of the 5 locations listed (SS Eastland, Alley of Death, Graceland Cemetery, Lincoln Park, Hull House) to send me an email. In your email, tell me whether or not you believe the location is ACTUALLY haunted, or if the legend is a bunch of bologna. There are five locations in all, but only tell me about the ones that interest you the most!



SS Eastland Site

Alley of Death

Graceland Cemetery

Hull House

Lincoln Park

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